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Aug 28, 2009
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Like a zeppelin airship crash-landed in the Australian forest, Bellemo & Cat's 'Cocoon' is nestled artfully on a steeply sloping site.

The weekender is located in a dense, bushy, holiday hot-spot along Victoria's famous Great Ocean Road. The architects designed the house as an object; an ovaloid form floating high above the challenging site to capture the dramatic views.

Bellemo & Cat have a sculptural and evocative style that combines their passions of architecture and public art, and Cocoon is no exception. A development of their previous public artworks, Cocoon seems completely at home in its bushy hideaway - a rustic artwork by the beach. More...

Aug 27, 2009
| Design | Fashion | General

Save energy, get some exercise and enjoy funky couture hanging devices. The designers at Alain Berteau Designworks offer screw in coat hanger hooks so you can take a walk in the bush and uncover your own new coat hangers. They look fantastic, I just wonder how good they are for your clothes!

Aug 27, 2009
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The Gaudi Stool by Bram Geenen, inspired by work of architect Antoní Gaudi, bears similar surrealist qualities to many of Gaudi's gothic-esque works. The stool appears to defy gravity, but is surprisingly strong due to the beam-grid sub structures that Guadi often employed. By using modern rapid prototyping technology the stool can be made of thin carbon fibre. This technology also makes the product surprisingly affordable to manufacture.

Keep an eye out for this at designer stores, the Gaudi-chair is being develepoded as we speak as part of a collaboration with Dutch research institute, TNO.

Aug 27, 2009
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Nikki Graziano is both a photographer and a mathematician. Math has neve looked so sexy! Nikki's collection of photographs document the hidden logic of nature.

Aug 27, 2009
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found terrariums
I just love terraiums. A landscape in a bottle, there's just nothing more magical! These easy to make, found terrariums, are made entirely out of plants and materials you can find around the home. It really couldn't be easier, and their rustic nature is so geourgeous!
Aug 5, 2009
| Design | General

Axel Peemoeller pointed out a really cool way finding system he worked on in Melbourne's Eureka Tower car park. Bound to eliminate any potential for frustration that car parks inevitably bring - guaranteed fun! Now, where did we park the car? It really is all a matter of perspective!


Aug 5, 2009
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Amazing industrial designer La Chanh Nguyen from Switzerland has a range of homewares with one thing in common - they grow! Whether it's a moss covered bath mat or a herb growing utensil container, these inspired ideas will bring a little greenery to your home.

Aug 5, 2009
| Design | General

Frankenstein Chair by T.M. Schmid for Strala

The Frankenstein Chair designed by T.M. Schmid for Strala combines the classics to create an intriguing chair inspired - as the name suggests - by Frankenstein. It's certainly horror to me! Fun though!